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Lamar Samuels

Mali Karakurt

 "Riches only come to those with faith supported by long hard work. Riches begin with a state of mind, with definiteness of purpose." Napoleon Hill

Style Advisory

Sept. 16, 2014

  “A pair of Shoes and Trousers


It’s interesting that when someone looks you up and down they will start from your shoes and work themselves up. Your shoes set the tone of the entire suit or outfit. The type of shoes worn can and will identify whether or not you are targeting a casual, professional, or classy fashion statement. There are various types of shoes that can be worn with a suit, in making that decision it’s important to know what style outcome you are pursuing. In my opinion the color of your shoes should as always correlate with your belt and watch if worn. Others may disagree but in that degree, I am old fashioned in matching the three. Now trying to find the right brand that’s another topic. We will discuss the quality of shoes and various brands at a later date. Always keep in mind that your shoes are there to make a subtly loud statement.

Here is a list various types of shoes worn with a suit:

The Lace-Ups (Oxfords / Derby)

The Double / Single Monk Strap

Loafers / Penny Loafers

The Dress Boots

Sneakers (More Common Now-a-Days)


The fit of your trousers are what makes trousers unique. The term trouser is a common word referring to tailored pants. The trousers are to correlate in color and style with your suit jacket whether that intention is to match or not to match. There are many types of fits in men’s trousers, but in todays article I will be discussing the cuff. First and foremost if you are planning on cuffing your trousers they must be a tailored slim fit, not to point of desperation but a nice close tailor. You want to stay away from baggy and long pants with to many breaks (the bunching up at the bottom of your pants). I recommend a pair of pants with no break to one break, at that point its all preference. The few reasons why someone would cuff their pants would be to bring more attention to their shoes and socks; it’s also a current fashion fad. There are a few rules in cuffing your trousers; some would say that you’re not supposed to cuff your trousers if they are flat fronts. I believe that fashion rules are made to be broken and are in the eye of the wearer. Cuff at your own risk. 

Fashionably Expressed,

Lamar Samuels

Photography: @daudin_myto

Style Advisory

Sept. 7, 2014

  “Seven Suit Essentials

This month we will be discussing the seven essentials to a proper suit ensemble. Like Drake, we will be “starting from the bottom.”  Shoes, in my opinion, are the most important pieces of a proper suit. Take a seat, because what’s on your feet is where we begin.

Shoes: The right pair of shoes can set the tone for any suit, like the Double Monk Straps, featured by Gordon Rush. We chose these because of their understated impact. Double Monk Straps are subtly loud and have made an impeccable come back over the past couple of years. These shoes are a must have for anyone’s wardrobe.

Trousers: This month’s featured trousers are the Tailored Slim-Fit Navy Italian Wool Suit Trouser from Banana Republic. The importance of the trousers falls more on its tailored fit. Later this month, we’ll discuss the various styles of men’s trousers in further detail.

Jacket: As we all know, the trouser and suit jacket are attached at the hip, literally. This is the most recognized article of the essential seven and is considered the focal point of the suit.  The jacket unifies all aspects of the suit and brings an understanding to your personal style pursuit or statement. September’s featured suit jacket is a Tailored-Fit Navy Italian Wool Suit Jacket from Banana Republic. There are various fits, styles, accents, and opportunities when it comes to the suit jacket. 

Shirt: Sheltered by the jacket is the shirt. The shirt beats to the sound of its own drum. Like the shoes, the shirt sets the tone of the ensemble, making the outfit either casual or professional. The shirt connects the tie and the suit’s accessories. This month’s featured shirt is a Slim Fit Non-Iron French Cuff Royal Oxford from Banana Republic.

Tie: In my opinion, the tie is the most fun aspect of the suit.  Some may disagree, but I view the tie as a bridge  between the suit and its accessories. The tie, for the most part, coordinates with the shirt. September’s featured tie is from SUITSUPPLY.

Accessories: Last but not least, your suit accessories are an avenue for you to showcase your identity without having to follow any preconceived fashion rules. They allow you to add your own unique style to any outfit allowing your personality shine. Featured here is a pocket square from H&M and a lapel flower from hook & ALBERT

 Fashionably Expressed,

Lamar Samuels

Shoes: Gordon Rush - $215.00

Trousers: Banana Republic - $170.00

Jacket: Banana Republic - $398.00

Shirt: Banana Republic - $79.50

Tie: SUITSUPPLY - $45.00

Pocket Square: H&M - $12.95

Lapel Flower: hook & ALBERT $30.00

Photography: @david_revenkov_photography

Dan Rookwood

 "If you want the secondary greatness of recognized talent, focus first on primary greatness of character." Stephen Covey

Waraire Boswell

 "How far you go in life depends on you being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these." George Washington Carver


 "The determination of how good a person you are is the conduct of your grandchildren." (A leaders lasting value is measured in succession)

Glenn O’brien

 "Fashion is what everybody is doing, or starting to do, and style is about what you’re doing.” Glenn O’Brien is a writer, editor, copywriter, and creative director, but in the world of men’s fashion he is better known as “The Style Guy.” Glenn has written for various magazines, for me his work and mentorship has stood out through his most recent book “How To Be a Man” and his many inspirational articles expressed in the GQ Magazine as “The Style Guy.” The GQ Magazine is where my taste and interest for men’s fashion grew into a passion I hold dear.  Mr. O’Brien was born in Cleveland, Ohio and attended school at Georgetown and Columbia University to later write under the great Andy Warhol. Glenn is a Renaissance man of many talents and men’s fashion is one of them. To learn how more on becoming a better man through inner and outer attributes you must take the time to follow one of the greats, Glenn O’Brien.   





Johannes Huebl

 "For everything you have missed, you have gained something else; and for everything you gain, you lose something." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

David Gandy

 "It’s not the vehicle, but the person behind the wheel. The vehicle remains a variable, but the only constant is the person driving. You must be prosperous within your self and success will follow your pursuits."